Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian Gocce d’Italia

Olive’s varieties: mixed olives of italian origin

Harvesting and production time: end October to end of December.

Time between Harvesting and production: 24 to 48 hours.

Processing Methods: continuous-cycle. Cold extraction.

Colour: green with yellow reflections.

Smell: fruity aroma of fresch olives and a delicate herbaceous scent. Medium-light olive fruity.

Taste: mostly sweet but with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste.

Acidity: the processing of fresch olives allow to obtain an olive oil with a very low acidity.

Pairings: in the kitchen it is an ally to flavor any dish. Excellent both raw and cooked.

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Harvesting and milling period: from the end of October to the end of November.

Time from harvest to milling: 24 hours / 36 hours.

Milling method: continuous cycle, with hammer crusher and centrifugal decanter that does not require the passage of oil in the separator. Cold extraction.

Color: green with yellow reflections.

Acidity: the collection and pressing of the olives carried out in a timely manner allow to obtain an oil with a very low acidity (0.2% – 0.4%).

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